Welcome to Rayong


Welcome to RAYONG

Rayong is located on the east ciast of Thailand. It is about 180 kilometres from Bangkok and covers a total area of 3,552 square kilometers. Administration, it is divided into 6 districts, namely Muang, Klaeng, Ban Khai, Ban Chang, Pluak Daeng, and Wang Chan districts and Khao Chamao and Nikhom Phatthana subdistricts Boundaries North and West adjacent to Chonburi Province East adjacent to Chanthaburi Province South adjacent to Gulf of Thailand Climate and Seasons Rayong has a tropical climate; warm and humid. An average temperature is 28 Degree Celsius. The best time for traveling is between November and May. It is not a good time to travel (especially to islands) during monsoon season that is from June to October



Rayong is a famous province for tourists as it has a lot if exciting activities; with more than 100 kilometre-long coastline. There are beautiful beaches and scenic waterfalls amid natural surroundings. Rayong is also rich in sea-life resources and considered a major agricultural and industrial province. There are three distinct attractions, firstly white sand beach on the mainland and islands. Secondary, it has a variety of fresh seafood. Lastly, regional fruits such as durians, rambutans, mangosteens and pieapples. The way of lifestyle and local culture are also attracted to other people especially to foreigners as they will find themselves having a wonderful trip here in Rayong.


Tourist Attractions

Amphoe Mueang

ระยอง ศาลพระเจ้าตากสิน
The King Taksin Shrine

The King Taksin Shrine

Located at Wat Lum Mahachai Chumpon on Taksin Road, the shrine was built to commemorate King Taksin the Great’s brief stopover in Rayong to mobilize his troops and liberate the Kingdom of Ayutthaya from the Burmese. Legend has it that King Taksin the Great’s elephant was believed to be stabled at a large Parkia tree (in front of the shrine). A well-regarded place by the locals, especially the Sino-Thais, the shrine attracts big crowds during Chinese New Year and on December 28th.

Wat Lum Mahachai Chumphon

Wat Lum Mahachai Chumphon

Also dubbed “Wat Lum Market” by the locals, the temple is located next ti market which offers interesting local Thai asn Chinese food. Just watching the old houses located along the street behind the market can inspire your imagination on daily activities and lifestyles of the past.

วัดป่าประดู่ ระยอง
Wat Pa Pradu

Wat Pa Pradu

Believed to be constructed during the Ayutthaya era, the temple houses a 12-meter-long Reclining Buddha which measures 11.95 meters long and 3.60 meters high. Unlike other reclining statues, the image lies on the left, instead of the right. The viharn was later built over the image in 1981.

Ban Kon Ao (The Fisherman’s village)

The best place in town to discover the traditional fisherman’s village located at the end of Hat Mae Ramphueng. Visitors can also see how they catch fish and process seafood. An additional attraction worth visiting is the Catholic Church established near the village over 100 years ago.

Ban Phe

A seaside town located approximately 19 kilometers southeast of city, Ban Phe is the best place to enjoy relaxing on a long white sandy beach while sampling sumptuous seafood. Ban Phe is a major fishing community in the province, hence, the wide range of fresh and preserved seafood products or other local products. In addition, Ban Phe is also the departure point for Ko Samet.

Hat Laem Charoen

This beach is located 5 kilometers from the city and is a popular area among the locals and tourists as it is the location of many great seafood restaurants.

Hat Mae Ramphueng

This 12 kilometres stretch of white sandy beach is a perfect place to enjoy the scenery while swimming. The beach trails along the way to meet Ban Kon Ao, where a small fishing community can be found. Accommodations and restaurants are available.

Hat Saeng Chan

Situated approximately 7 kilometers from the city, this beach is connected to Laem Charoen beach and is also suitable for swimming. Accommodations and restaurants are available.

Khao Laem Ya

Travel a little further from Ban Kon Ao on the beach road and visitors will reach Khao Laem Ya and Mu Ko Samet National Park which are shaded with small shrubs and has a cape jutting into the sea. Along one side of the hill is a long stretch of beach where the headquarters of the Khao Laem Ya-Samet Islands National Park is located. For more information, contact Khao Laem Ya and Mu Ko Samet Nation Park Office : Tel : (66 38) 653 034, from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Phra Chedi Klang Nam ( Wat Damut Khongkha or Wat Pak Nam)

Built at the center of the isle at the mouth of the Rayong River, the pagoda is located about 2 kilometers from town. The origin of the pagoda, which stands about 10 meters high, is still unknown. Sailors once used it as the sign of arrival in Rayong. An annual celebration held during November, features an exciting boat and Loy Krathong Festival.

Suan Si Muang

Dubbed as “Ko Klang “ by the locals, Suan Sri Muang  is a public park and health center. Located behind the former city hall, the part is well known for its landmark-the Phra Buddha Angkhirot (Buddhist Shrine ) housed in a traditional Thai style shrine.

Suan Son

This beach is located approximately 4 kilometers from Ban Phe. Travel along the beach front road and visitors will find a place that offers true relaxation under the shade of pine trees. The scenic beach is eminently suited to relaxation and swimming. Accommodations and food shops are also available.

The City Pillar Shrine

A pavilion located on Lak Muang Road, the shrine was previously made from wood, and later was restored, using brick and mortar, as a Chinese style pavilion. Highly revered by the locals, the shrine is usually crowded especially during the Song Kran Festival.

The Sopha Arboretum

The extensive grounds located near the entrance to Ban Phe, just about 200 meters off Highway No.3 at Km. marker 238 are home to various flowering plants. A 100 year old Thai style wooden structure housed porcelain ware from various periods, in particular the Ban Chiang style. The place is open daily except Thursdays from 8.00 a.m.  until 5.00 p.m. Contact Tel :0-3865-1688 for more information. Ticket Fee : 50 Bath/person.

Attraction in Ko Samet

A favorite get-away island for Bangkokians, Ko Samet offers extensive pristine beaches with clean white sand and strangely shaped rocks. A haven for relaxation, this T-shaped island is perfect retreat for those looking for sun, sand and sea. The climate is always pleasantly cool with an abundance of rain in August and windy monsoons in May.

There are a wide range of accommodations on the island with prices at the low end starting from 200 bath for a bungalow with basic amenities, while bungalows with furniture and air conditioning may start at the rate of 600 bath. Mid-range hotels and resorts mostly located around the Hat Sai Kaew area are also available. Reservations for accommodations should be made in advance as the place gets crowded especially during the festive season.

Attractions on Ko Samet include : 

Hat Sai Kaeo

One of the most beautiful and most popular beaches on Koh Samet, Hat Sai kaew is 1 kilometer long and 25-30 meters wide. The name speaks for itself, Hat Sai Kaew, which literally means Crystal Sand Beach, is a nice beach filled with activities. From dusk to dawn, visitors can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, jet skiing, windsurfing, riding on a banana boat or even partying at night. Accommodations provided include bungalows and villas.

Ao Noi Na

Ao Noi Na, which is located near Hat Sai Kaew, has different ambience. It is quieter and therefore more suitable for those looking for a truly relaxing experience on the white, clean sandy beach.

Ao Hin Khok

Ao Hin Khok is separated from Hat Sai Kaew by a small rocky sea point where a mermaid statue is located. The beach,which is half the size of Hat Sai Kaew, is famous for its strangely shaped  rocks. There are inexpensive bungalows/huts located along the beach, and also value for money restaurants providing fresh, quality seafood dishes.

Ao Pai

Located close to Hat Sai Kaew, Ao Pai is therefore quite crowded. For visitors interested in sunbathing, this is the ideal place as swimming is not recommended as there is whirlpool on the sea, as designated by the red flag.

Ao Put Sa

Ao Put Sa is a small bay on Koh Samet shich draws repeat visitors intent on relaxing. Suitable for those who are tired of crowded beaches and nightlife activities, Ao Put Sa offers a quite retreat that reunites visitors with nature in its crystal clear waters.

Ao Tub Tim

Ao Tub Tim, which is set in a tranquil atmosphere, is located near Ao Put Sa and is well known for its white sand and clear water. Ao Tub Tim has a small, cozy resort, which provides nice services in a well decorated compound.

Ao Nuan

Ao Nuan is located near Ao Put Sa and is a perfect hideaway for holidaymarkets in search of tranquility.

Ao Wong Deuan

Ao Wong Deuan is the second largest beach on the island (the first being Hat Sai Kaew). Ao Wong Deuan attracts tourist groups during both the high and low seasons due to its beautiful white sandy beach and good accommodations. On top of this, good seafood restayrants with nice views are also available.

Ao Thian ( Candlelight Beach )

Ao Thian’s topography is painted by rocky beach in which some nice spots for skin diving are available. This beach is very quiet and free from group tours with bungalows and resorts available around the beach area.

Ao Wai

Ao Wai is located within a short walking distance of candlelight Beach. Shaded by coconut, scenic and serene spot for sea lovers.

Ao Kiu Nok

This bay is a perfect secluded den for those planning to keep their distance from the busy, Crowded beaches and vibrant nightlife. From Aow Kiew Nok, visitors can actually walk to Aow Kiew Nai which is the ideal spot to see the spectacular sun rise and sun set.

Ao Karang

The best place to experience the traditional lifestyle of the residents of Koh Samet is as Ao Karang where there also a number of seafood restaurants providing fresh seafood dishes at reasonable prices.

Ao Wuang Wan

Ao Wiang Wan is located on the west of Na Dan Pier, a large bay where lots of spot activities such as fishing, etc. take place.

Ao Phrao

Ao Prow is one of the quietest beaches of Ko Samet. Located quite far away from the lively nightlife of Ko Samet; Ao Prow is preferred by travelers who quietly enjoy the deep blue sea and white sand in the sunshine. Ao Prow has a long white sandy beach which is ideal for swimming.

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