Chanel Paris Fashion Week 2012

This time Karl Lagerfeld’s created a variety of looks for the Chanel show that took place in Paris. Usual black with high heels changed a bit to the sparkling and glossy futurism, so he kept the guests in the space-mood!

Katy Perry and other celebrity guests enjoyed the futuristic touch: sparkling forms inspired by the jewel colours of minerals, oversized coats with geometrical lines of the crystals, and even feather embroidered collars speckled with chunky jewels. Coloured stones appeared everywhere from belts and cuffs to the slick of crystals that looked very special the models’ brows.PHOTOGALLERY5b3505b2a898f3a19fc1d73e8323a62498947685 69480c450008bd2eabfc3f9634db23d9bea12273 A16a66c18f8dd8359c18e64b9e330119f360ba4c

Lagerfeld gave a nod to many of the season’s trends from layering, combining tunics with skinny trousers, to such eccentric combinations as the light chiffon blouses with leggings.
Of course, there were some of the colourful knits and the classic Chanel tweed suits, but it also came in jewel colours like amethyst and jade, so this year Lagerfeld appeared to be quite eclectic.

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